Mine Bitcoin the Easy Way with HoneyMiner – An Honest Review

I’ve said it before – I’m not a hacker. I’ve got some rudimentary skills and can usually find a way to get things done, but I rarely dive into technical projects – which is why I haven’t started mining cryptocurrency – even though it’s been on my to-do list since 2013. Yes, this particular case of procrastination has made the difference between me being fabulously wealthy and me being – well, me as I am.

My days of procrastination are over though. I am now a cryptocurrency miner. I’ve been mining with Honeyminer on my not very powerful Hewlett Packard laptop PC for a couple of days now and while my results aren’t staggering (I’ve earned about $0.0015 yes half a penny) – I am in love with Honeyminer. It does it’s work while I’m doing other things. If I had a faster CPU or a powerful GPU – I would certainly have made a bit more.

Honeyminer wasn’t hard to figure out. I signed up with my email on the website. Then I downloaded the program file they sent. All of that took about a minute. Then the program showed me what the buttons do. Then Honeyminer started. It does all the work. It uses advanced software to find the most profitable coins to mine and then converts your minings into bitcoin. As long as the program and the PC are running – it is mining. I’m going to let it go to work now and the next words you read will be about a week later.

One Week Later:

It’s been mining on my ancient and very slow PC for about a week now – and to be honest – it hasn’t done very much.

I randomly found more money on the ground during the past week ($.42 if you are curious, I only pick up coins that are heads up, I flip the tails over for others to find. I found a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and two pennies with heads up) – but it’s still pretty cool to be mining and to have the computer that I generally don’t use actually doing something. I would guess that if I had a more advanced processor or graphics card, I would have mined significantly more – but I would also guess that if I weighed the earnings against the power used, it would not be worth it – especially not here in Hawai’i where electricity is a lot more expensive than anywhere else in the USA.

Also, I don’t know this for sure – but if you had great processing power – you could probably use it much more efficently doing regular pool mining – so Honeyminer is an entry level way to start mining and put your unused computing power to work. The gamified system is fun – as you can see above, I actually earned more from the bonuses than I did from the mining – so you get rewarded for doing this.

And for those who are curious…your earnings are in satoshis. 1 bitcoin= 100 million satashis. So my 2,223 satoshi are worth $.14 cents – one satoshi is currently worth about $.000065 cents but if the price of bitcoin were to go up to $1 million dollars someday (as some have predicted it will) each satoshi (or sat) will be worth $.01 – so my 2223 sats will be worth $22.23 which still isn’t very much and probably isn’t worth it – but again, I’m using a particularly old and slow PC for this.

My suggestion is that you give it a try – your results will certainly be different than min. Here is the link to sign up with – it’s a referral link, if you use it, Honeyminer will give me a portion of the commission they keep but you will earn the same amount as if you go don’t use the link.

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