Iwahai – Free, Easy, and Fun Map Audio Recorder

Iwahai is awesome! Iwahai App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

It’s easy to use and has a huge number of practical uses. Just download it, sign in, long hold to create a marker, press record, make your recording, press stop, and then share. Or you can make it private. You can use it to share suggestions, record memories, remind yourself to do things in a certain place, or record the sounds of a place. Iwahai is new and untapped. Check it out – see what you can do.

Iwahai for iPhone

Iwahai for Android

Introducing Iwahai.  Sign up for the free email tutorial here. Iwahai lets you put voice recordings on a map. It’s easy, it’s revolutionary, and it’s free. Designed by travelers for travelers…and everyone else.

Iwahai Time Machine

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