#1 Virtrum -Personalized and Intelligent Coaching Solutions

Virtrum Artificial IntelligenceThe first start-up idea I’m going to review is Virtrum.io

I really like this idea – it falls into the big three money making categories “Get paid, get laid, or lose weight” And – in case you are wondering – this is in the ‘Lose Weight’ category.

I like the testimonials – even though I don’t know the people who wrote them – losing 30+ pounds and running a marathon sounds pretty good. On the site they explain:

We want to shift healthcare from treatment of symptoms to primordial prevention through ‘moving intelligently’.

And we don’t just want people to be “healthier”. We want each individual’s health optimized rather than just an asymptomatic average.​

By making optimal exercising choices, we can prevent the majority of chronic disease. But we can also upgrade our genetic function, enhance athleticism, positively impact body composition and improve our overall health.

Exercise needs to be understood as an information source which modulates our biology rather than simply a healthy lifestyle. Like a language conveying information from the outside world, programming our genes and our movements for the better or for worse.

We’re using artificial intelligence to decipher this language of movement. We’re employing that fluency so that you can confidently make optimal exercising choices, individualized just for you. This shortens the path to your

These are some pretty big promises – preventing the majority of chronic diseases and upgrading genetic function. I’m not positive that exercise and good coaching can do this – but if they can, count me in! What I really like is the idea of using artificial intelligence to record movement and understand the best workout/exercise for each body type. This sounds like something new and exciting!

Virtrum is not released yet and the apps are not yet available – but if you’d like to stay informed you can sign up for their email list (I did)  and they will keep you updated.


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